FM WhatsApp New Feature: Caller ID (nuisance number filter)

It is annoying that you receive strange and different calls like credit, insurance, customer support and even scam calls all day long or even for a long period of time. Fortunately, our technology has evolved rapidly and we have created a new version of the caller ID feature in FM WhatsApp. With this new version of CALLER ID you will be able to carry out your actions in an easier and simpler way.

FM WhatsApp New Feature: Caller ID (nuisance number filter)

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FM WhatsApp Caller ID New Feature

The new function of FM WhatsApp is to detect strange calls. This feature helps users effectively filter nuisance numbers such as sales, insurance, loans, charities, investments and other nuisance calls. So when these strange calls arrive, users can know the identity of the stranger in advance without having to answer. Additionally, we increased the processing speed of Caller ID to identify trivial calls more quickly.

  1. Instant Caller ID: automatically flags spam calls or messages
  2. Prevent fake calls: You can block fake calls automatically or manually to reduce harassment and hoax calls.
  3. Report harassing or scam calls: allows users to collectively report unknown harassing numbers and sort them into categories.

The new caller ID includes:

How can I customize my Caller ID settings to suit my needs?

Open the app > tap the logo > enable caller ID settings

Is the Caller ID feature secure?

FM WhatsApp is absolutely safe. You can read FM WhatsApp's privacy policy to better understand what information we collect. We guarantee that your contacts and information will not be stored and no text messages will be sent to your contacts without your prior permission. In order to offer you better functionality of FM WhatsApp, we ask you for some permissions on your phone. If you do not consent to the collection of certain relevant information, you may opt out or withdraw our consent at any time. Your right allows you to use the Caller ID feature.